Fideli’s, our promise to you

Cape Town’s inner-city grocer & beer garden

The fundamental root of Fideli’s starts at its Latin definition of being faithful and it gives meaning to our ethos to always be loyal to the ingredients. With no imported products and only locally sourced ingredients we stock our shelves with honesty.

Fideli’s Home

Fideli’s is community-driven, giving you the opportunity to connect with your food again, know its origin, find inspiration, and take it to the heart of your home: the kitchen. Our own product range includes a variety of home-made sauces, jams, yoghurt, preserves, spices, hand-made pasta, baked goods and more. We also have fruit and vegetables, local cheeses, grass-fed beef, lamb, and green-listed seafood available from sustainable reputable suppliers.

Sit down at Fideli’s

Come sit down and unwind in our beer garden in the courtyard. Browse over extensive wine-list featuring unique varietals from boutique wine farms. Order off the menu, grab a ready-to-go meal, shop for tonight’s dinner, a gift for someone special or simply browse our fridges and choose your own meat cut which our chef will prepare for you.

Every society either stands or falls on honesty and loyalty. We choose to stand.

Fideli’s is spearheaded by Chef Judi, and can be found next to her restaurant, Pilcrow & Cleaver, on Church Square.

*All the packaging of Fideli’s is recyclable and made from plant materials.

Open daily, 07:00 to 20:00